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Manor Heath Junction Changes

The Parish Council has now received clarification of the work that Highways England are undertaking at the top of Manor Heath.

To reduce the risk of stationary traffic on the (west bound) exit slip road from the A64 the scheme will prohibit right turns off the slip road entering Manor Heath. To maximise the compliance with this new prohibition they are installing a new traffic island within the side road. Anyone wishing to enter Manor Heath from the slip road will do so by carrying on to the (Askham Bryan) roundabout and then return back over the A64 to turn left into Manor Heath. Right turns will still be permitted as normal when exiting the Manor Heath junction allowing road users access to the A1237 northbound and the A64 eastbound.

The Parish Council would like to make it clear that neither it, nor our Ward Councillor, David Carr, were consulted about this work or informed in advance of it starting.