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Tadcaster Road Speed Limit

Copmanthorpe Parish Council is pleased to announce that, at a Decision Session of the City of York Council Executive Member for Transport and Planning on Thursday, 20 December 2018, the decision was taken not to make the traffic regulation order to relocate the start of the 30mph speed limit at Tadcaster Road, Copmanthorpe permanent and for it to be moved back to its original location.

In giving the reasons for this decision the Executive Member included the concerns raised by Copmanthorpe Ward Councillor, David Carr, under public participation about the amount of opposition from Parish Councillors and residents in relation to the position of the experimental TRO.

This decision shows that, by uniting with a common voice, the residents and Parish Councillors of Copmanthorpe can overturn decisions that we feel are contrary to the best interests of our community.  It is not known how much money will have been spent on this exercise by the time the speed limit signs are put back in their original locations, nor how much time has been given by Parish Councillors and residents in trying to stop the original experiment and then in preventing it being made permanent.

The Parish Council will continue to press for enforcement of the speed limits on all four approach roads to Copmanthorpe and, as part of this, are pressing ahead with the Community Speed Watch programme that will see residents trained to use radar guns in order to report offending motorists to North Yorkshire Police for action to be taken.