East Coast Railway Line Crossing - Network Rail Proposals - LATEST NEWS!

  • Network Rail have written to the Parish Council stating that they now regard the level crossing as of ‘Low Priority’ and they no longer plan to replace it with a bridge.  They have said that they are prepared to talk to interested parties about participating in the provision of a new crossing (either a bridge or an underpass) from the area of the Recreation Centre if or when the extension to the Recreation Centre goes ahead as part of the Copmanthorpe Neighbourhood Plan.

VACANCIES - Parish Councillors

  • Following retirements we have two Parish Councillor vacancies
  • If you are interested in joining a small, dedicated, team to get involved in managing, protecting and developing our village and can spare a few hours every month please give our Clerk a call on 01904 778 087 or talk to any Councillor for more details
  • Being a Parish Councillor is very rewarding and puts you at the heart of village life


VACANCIES - Allotments

  • There are currently two vacant allotments.  This is quite a rare event as there is usually a waiting list of residents for any that become available
  • If you would like to apply for one of the vacant plots please download an application form here:cpc-allotment-app-form-a.pdf


Copmanthorpe Neighbourhood Plan

  • Copmanthorpe Parish Council submitted the Neighbourhood Plan to City of York Council on 20th November 2014 for the six week Formal Consultation.
  • City of York Council officers are querying whether our Neighbourhood Plan requires a Strategic Environmental Assessment and have refused to forward the Plan to the Independant Examiner.
  • The Parish Council has had to engage professional advice in an effort to satisfy City of York Council officers and these advisors are now working on the issue.
  • Once City of York Council’s concerns have been answered the Plan will be forwarded to an Independent Examiner (appointed several months ago) and the Independent Examiner will determine whether the Plan meets all the legal and other requirements and, once approved, will send the Plan back to Copmanthorpe for a referendum.
  • If the Plan achieves approval by more than half of those voting the Plan will pass in to Planning Law for Copmanthorpe
  • The Neighbourhood Plan will then give residents the power to influence planning decisions and, through them, the development of the village over the next 15 years and beyond
  • To read the Neighbourhood Plan please go to: plan4copmanthorpe
  • Please note that feedback at this stage will be collected by City of York Council, not the Parish Council
  • Watch out for your opportunity to respond to the Formal Consultation - all responses will go to the Independent Examiner and be considered in his/her decision


Speeding in Copmanthorpe!

  • Any resident wishing to make the authorities aware of a speeding problem in the village may like to download the ‘95 Alive’ form, please click here: speed_concern_report_form.pdf
  • At the moment it is not possible to complete this form on-line so it must be printed, completed and posted to the address on the form
  • It is the sending of these forms that is the best way of alerting the authorities to speeding issues in any particular location