Virgin Media - Cable Laying

  • Virgin Media have begun laying fibre optic cables throughout the village
  • They have promised to let us have details of their work plan and these will be shown here when we have them
  • The work is supposed to involve narrow, shallow, trenches but there will be some additional street cabinets around the village
  • The sites for these cabinets have been selected in conjunction with City of York Council Highways Department
  • In addition, there will be some junction chambers sited below ground level that will necessarily entail larger excavation work
  • If residents have any issues or complaints about this work please report them to the Parish Clerk using the ‘contact us’ form or email
  • If you see the contractors doing something that causes danger, either to road users or pedestrians, please call the Police on 101 for them to take immediate action.


Annual Village Meeting & Ward Meeting

  • The annual Village Meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th March at 7:15pm
  • Venue: Howell Hall, School Lane, Copmanthorpe
  • This is residents’ opportunity to hear what has been happening in the village over the last 12 months and contribute to the Parish Council’s plans for the coming year
  • This is NOT A PARISH COUNCIL MEETING but your Councillors will be on hand and the meeting will be chaired by the Parish Council Chairman
  • Following the Annual Village Meeting and a brief break for refreshments Cllr David Carr will hold a Copmanthorpe Ward Meeting, starting at approximately 8:15pm
  • This will include:
    • a Policing Report
    • 2016/17 Projects and Grant Spending Update
    • 2017/18 Ward Budget Update
    • Setting Ward Priorities
  • All Copmanthorpe residents are welcome to attend both meetings

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    Speeding in Copmanthorpe

      • Any resident wishing to make the authorities aware of a speeding problem in the village may like to download the ‘95 Alive’ form, please click here: speed_concern_report_form.pdf
      • At the moment it is not possible to complete this form on-line so it must be printed, completed and posted to the address on the form
      • It is the sending of these forms that is the best way of alerting the authorities to speeding issues in any particular location