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Historic Village Scenes

The following images were scanned from original prints held in Copmanthorpe Library.  They were selected as being of general interest to residents but there are many other images held in the library available for viewing.

Clicking on any of the thumbnail images on this page will download a larger image but be aware that many of these images are large files and could take some time to download, depending on your connection speed.

Back Lane:

thn-back-ln.jpg thn-back-ln2.jpg

Church Street:

thn-blows-cottages.jpg thn-manor-house2.jpg thn-old-school-house-from-church-st.jpg thn-goods-whouse-church-st.jpgthn-manor3.jpg thn-manor4.jpg thn-manor-barns1.jpg thn-manor-barns2.jpg thn-manor-house.jpg thn-old-chapel-from-church.jpg

Royal Oak:


College Road:

thn-college-rd.jpg thn-college-rd-hallcroft-ln.jpg

Fox & Hounds:

thn-fox1.jpg thn-fox4.jpg thn-fox5.jpg

Hallcroft Lane:

thn-hallcroft-ln-from-fields.jpg thn-hallcroft-to-colton.jpg thn-hallcroft-to-horseman.jpg

Horseman Lane:

thn-horseman-av.jpg thn-horseman-ln.jpg thn-horseman-ln-hallcroft-top-lane.jpg thn-horseman-ln-hallcroft-top-lane-2.jpg

Low Green:


Main Street:

thn-garage1.jpg thn-garage2.jpg thn-methodists.jpg thn-wilstropfarm.jpg thn-wilstrop3.jpg

Manor Heath:

thn-manor-heath1.jpg thn-manor-heath2.jpg thn-manor-heath9.jpg

The Old Schoolhouse:


The Old Station and Station Rd:

thn-station2.jpg thn-station3.jpg thn-station4.jpg thn-station-road.jpg

Residents are invited to contact the Parish Council Clerk if they have other images that they are willing to have scanned and added to this page